We are Microsoft Small Business Specialists and therefore our target market is small business, from 1 PC to 50 PCs.

We can provide everything to deploy a greenfields site from cabling through to PCs and printers and telephone systems.

We can supply and install PCs, Upgrade PCs, Repair PCs and decomission them for security at the end of their working life.

We can supply and install Servers and have qualification in Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 (SBS2003) and are currently deploying SBS2008 and Server 2008.

We also maintain server infrastructure and perform troubleshooting in these environments.

We do support Apple Macs but as these machines are not prominent in the environment we support this is rareley called for.

We can supply and install networking equipment and are licensed cabling contractors for telephony and data cabling.

We are also qualified and trained to install the LG Aria range of telephone systems and have experience with some VoIP solutions.

We are Pacnet and Pacific Wireless resellers and can order Internet services through these partners.

We also have arrangments with qualified electricians should we need to add or change power circuits for a deployment.